About Us Havist Technologies Private Limited

Havist technologies is a research oriented venture which gives prime importance in finding solutions to complex problems using most modern techniques in Information Technology, Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence to ensure optimum use of our resources. We provide solutions in Crop growth, Harvest date forecast and Post-Harvest logistics by minimizing the losses incurred during harvesting and transportation in agricultural systems. We also manage GIS services like Geospatial analytics which include analysis, modeling and visualizing of Geographic Information to arrive at solutions for real time complex problems.

Our Scope

  • Solutions which will help to achieve 4- 14% increase in the production of Sugar from the existing circumstances of Sugar cane harvesting.
  • Solution for crops such as sugar cane for which On- Farm Storage is impracticable or not available
  • Solutions which will help both Farmers and the Crop buyers to gain maximum benefit out of the crop yield.
  • Improvement in agricultural productivity by minimizing the losses.

Our Strategy

Cutting edge technologies with the help of
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Operation Research
  • Remote Sensing
  • Machine Learning and Statistics.

Our Services

Dynamic Harvesting schedule

By accurately predicting Crop maturity , Harvesting time and Yield.

Planning and Management

Post-Harvest Logistics Planning and Management

Mathematical Modeling & Artificial Intelligence

Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analytics

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

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